January 13, 2006

Puberty Boy

Our good friend and ally in Australia is Geoff Price. He has been running Pathways to Manhood wilderness camps for 10 years. The Pathways program helps boys make the challenging transition from boyhood to early manhood. Geoff is the perfect guy to have written Puberty Boy, a new book that will be available in the US in October of 2006.

So many men I know are looking for a map of manhood. One of many helpful parts of Geoff's book is a map of boyhood called the Growth Chart. This is a tool that predicts a boy's physical evolution as he moves through adolescence. The chart is helpful for boys in that it predicts what lies ahead. It's also a somewhat uncomfortable reminder for men about what that time in their lives.

On the Man-Making website, one of my research questions asks men to remember that place in-between boyhood and manhood. The question asks men, "Do you remember shyness, confusion and the discomforts of no longer being a boy, but not yet being a man?" The question asks men to, ". . . share a few lines about a memory of the terrors and disorientation of adolescence? It might be about something like the rapid growth in your body, your voice changing, your general restlessness, feeling clumsy, stealing for the excitement of it, emerging sexuality, embarrassing moments (first hard-on), pimples, being with girls, or testing your parent's limits."

If you want to be taken back to that time in your life, you can read the sometimes painful and often humorous replies I got from my male contributors.

I know many of us would have loved a book like Puberty Boy when we became suddenly aware that the call to manhood was stirring in our bodies.

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