December 7, 2008

Man-Making Survey Results

Thank you all for your responses. I heard from an amazing %10 of you, almost 50 replies in less than a week! I received wonderful affirmations, inspirational statements about your interest in man-making, great suggestions for new content, and a couple of powerful challenges. I’ve made a full copy of the survey results available to you at this link. But here is a short sample of your responses to the three questions:

1. “What kinds of Man-Making content do you find most interesting?” While I know this was a limited and “forced choice” question, your responses brought the following responses:
  • Rites of Passage - 29
  • Men's Stories - 27
  • Mentoring - 24
  • Men's Development - 20
  • Activities for Boys and Men - 18
  • Related Research - 18
  • Men's Group References - 16
  • Guy Humor - 13
  • Inspirational Content - 13
  • Single Parenting of Boys - 11
  • Book Reviews - 10
  • Sports and Man-Making - 7
  • Boy's and Men's development, as intertwined and ongoing - 1
2. “Why do you stay subscribed to this blog?” This question brought what I consider to be heartwarming responses such as:

It makes me feel good about being a man.

To hear about the community of men and boys.

I pass along the info to my son who has custody of my grandson who lives with his grandmother and I while our son is in school.

I work with kids and I'm always open to new ideas and concepts that might help me to do that the best way possible

It inspires me to believe that I can make a difference in life-as I am.

It connects me to a community that doesn't exist elsewhere for me.

It provides wisdom I would never have access to.

To understand men's views feelings, reasons they do what they do.

3. “What's ONE thing I can do with this blog to make it better for you?” This important question prompted two pages of really great suggestions. A very short summary of those would include:
  • More ideas on how to recruit men to volunteer
  • Invite men's comments and get a dialog going
  • YouTube videos with rituals of men from around the world
  • Bring more ugly truth about the true state of affairs with boys & men
  • Offer some content about man-making from outside the USA
  • Get more authors involved and contributing
  • Examples (and pictures?) of families and groups doing rites of passage
  • Interviews with people working in the field
  • Stories from the boys that have gone through passage rituals
  • Infiltrate the 'inner cities' – let’s hear more from men of 'color'
  • Tell us about Sports and Christianity, Christian men's groups, initiation within the west (Jewish), hunting and manhood, war and manhood
In the future I will do my best to respond to your comments and suggestions. In the mean time, please consider this your blog too. The man-making challenge is too big and important for one man’s view and voice to prevail. Please send along any content you feel your brothers (and sisters) in mission may find interesting. We'll all get the benefit of your view, and more boys and men may be served in some way as a result.

Thanks so much for your support, your contributions, and for caring about boys.


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