January 31, 2011

RESULTS: Man-Making Blog Annual Survey

Thanks to you all for your responses to the Man-Making Blog Annual Reader Survey. It is always helpful to get specific feedback from the people I want to serve. If you didn't get a chance to give me your ideas and opinions, the survey form will be open until mid-Feb., so let me know what you're thinking at this link.

Here is a general summary of what you told me:

As to the frequency of posting, at the current 3-5 posts per month, 87% of you said it was just right. A few wanted more (6) and a few (6) wanted less, so I'll continue post at the same rate.

To the question about, What type of content is most interesting/helpful?, almost half of the respondents said they wanted to read more about Men's Stories about Man-Making. While I can do a better job of forming the question next time, the response to the question can be taken at least two ways. First, it could mean you want to hear more about the men that showed up for you when you were a kid, the men who were your man-makers? A second possibility is that you want to know about the experiences of men who are currently showing up as a man-maker in the lives of young males. Both of those will make for good content. Please let me know if you are willing to share your story in either of those categories!

I loved the fact that close behind men's man-making stories came an interest in Activities for Men and Boys (48%), and "What You Can Do" to Support Boys (39%). It says to me a fairly high percentage of you are interested in learning how to take action, that you're interested in doing something with young males. That is pretty wonderful and I'll discuss that in future posts.

I let you interpret the rest of the requested content statistics, but know they will shape my posts going forward. Again, if you want to send along something in any of these areas, I love guest bloggers! You can even stay anonymous if you like.

Men's Stories about Man-Making - 52%
Activities for Men and Boys - 48%
"What You Can Do" to Support Boys - 39%
Boy Development - 39%
Man-Making Related Research - 35%
Men's Development - 35%
Personal Rites of Passage Examples - 32%
How to do Rites of Passage for Boys - 32%
Guy Humor - 29%
Related Film and Book Reviews - 23%
Single Parenting of Boys - 23%
Inspirational Content - 23%
Info. on Organizations Initiating Boys - 13%

What's ONE thing I can do to make the blog better for you?
I got a lot of positive strokes in this category, mostly saying I should just keep on doing what I've been doing. But Thanks. Some wanted more posts and some less. A couple of you asked for more links to resources. A number of you wanted to hear from young males with mentors and man-makers in their lives. They wanted the boys perspective on what impacts them and what they are looking for from men? One suggested topic was preparing boys for fatherhood, another was addiction and young males. One response just said, Surprise me more!

I also asked, Is there a resource you know of that should appear in the blog? The short list of your responses to this questions included: the Pathways Foundation in Australia; the Student Conservation Association affiliated with the Sierra Club; and the Southern Poverty Law Center, which has a free DVD/documentary on bullying. Books for review included Alison Armstrong's Keys to the Kingdom, describing her take on male stages of the male stages of development: Page, Knight, Prince, King, and Elder. The book Wild at Heart by John Eldredge was suggested by two of  you (any book reviewers out there?). There was a lead to Daniel Beaty's inspirational YouTube videos, and requests for descriptions of organizations working with men and boys. All this has been captured for future blog posts.

Then there is the question: Why do you stay subscribed to this blog? Just a short sample of what you said includes:
  • I'm always interested in what's happening for boys and how seriously people are taking the need to help boys on the road to manhood.
  • Great information, it's meaningful to my volunteer work with boys and men.
  • We can always learn more.
  • I have a genuine interest in men's health, advocacy and development in a society which ignores and/or denigrates them.
  • I need this inspiration to keep me involved with the boys in my neighborhood.
  • Since I made the connection with some of my son's friends, this blog reminds me to continue to interact with them.

Your feedback, suggestions, challenges, jokes, book reviews, and your stories about men and boys on their journey to man hood are always welcome. You can use the comments feature at the end of any post, or send something to me using this form.

Mostly, THANKS for your support.


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