March 22, 2005

Facts: Who Needs Mentors

Mentoring Partnership of Minnesota: "Fast Facts about Mentoring in America

35.2 million young people ages 10-18 in US today
1 out of 4 lives with only one parent
1 out of 10 was born to teen parents
1 out of 5 lives in poverty
1 out of 10 will not finish high school

About half of young Americans - 17.6 million young people - want or need caring adult mentors to help them succeed in life. Of those 17.6 million young people, 2.5 are currently in formal mentoring relationships.

That leaves 15.1 million youth still in need of formal mentoring relationships. Based on Census data, the Mentoring Partnership estimates 450,000 Minnesota youth alone would benefit from a mentoring relationship. They say, "We call this our mentoring gap."

And this is just one state!

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