April 29, 2006

A BIG step to Success

The lull in posting activity on this blog is do to the fact that yours truly has really been grunting out the work on the manuscript. The BIG news is that it was sent to the editor yesterday. It has been through the wringer of creation, modification, sell, hopelessness, rejuvenation, reworking, hope, reworking, and reworking. It has been a 2+ year journey, and now it is in the birth canal... and I'm feeling the contractions! It's that place in the creative process where I'm getting close to needing to birth the book. I've checked and it's a boy!

There is a ways to go yet. It will require at least one more edit, and then a proof read prior to print. There is the cover art and copy to design and write, having the manuscript laid out to fit in a book format, and the physical printing to be accomplished. But I feel joy today in that I've gotten over the hump and taken a very big step. A real book, with some serious potential to make the world a better place, is in sight.

Stand by... Earl

April 23, 2006

Nationally, there are many, many thousands of kids on waiting lists for a mentor. Kids that get how wonderful it would be to have a caring adult male in their lives and who are just waiting because the men haven't shown up. What I just love about One-On-One Partners, Mentoring Youth is their willingness to work with kids who are on their waiting list for a mentor. They call their "Esperanza Club" their hope club. These kids are invited to all monthly events and participate in a bi-weekly program where they interact with adult mentors in a group setting.

One-On-One Partners also gets that even the kids with two parents want and need other adults in their lives. Unlike many mentoring agencies, they will make those matches when possible too.

Check out their website for some amazing success stories and to find the motivation to be involved in a kid's life.

April 5, 2006

Help Me Write The Book!

I really need your help!

I am very happy to report that I am really cooking along with the Man-Making book. The cover is being created, I have all the pre-publication details in process, and I'm working with a great editor on the manuscript.

I am using quotes from males of all ages to bring life to the copy. However, my editor said that I don't have near enough quotes from teenagers up to twenty something males. That's where I can really use your help. Think of helping me in this challenge as your contribution to both the book and making the world a better place for men and boys. It may take some effort to make this happen. However, I know that you too will get something important out of any conversation you're willing to have with a boy or young male on this topic.

Click here to download a page of questions that could lead to great discussion and some good quotes. A response to any one question would be very helpful. I only need a young man’s first name and age with the quote so it’s completely anonymous.

Thanks for anything you're willing to do to help me with this last minute challenge.