April 5, 2006

Help Me Write The Book!

I really need your help!

I am very happy to report that I am really cooking along with the Man-Making book. The cover is being created, I have all the pre-publication details in process, and I'm working with a great editor on the manuscript.

I am using quotes from males of all ages to bring life to the copy. However, my editor said that I don't have near enough quotes from teenagers up to twenty something males. That's where I can really use your help. Think of helping me in this challenge as your contribution to both the book and making the world a better place for men and boys. It may take some effort to make this happen. However, I know that you too will get something important out of any conversation you're willing to have with a boy or young male on this topic.

Click here to download a page of questions that could lead to great discussion and some good quotes. A response to any one question would be very helpful. I only need a young man’s first name and age with the quote so it’s completely anonymous.

Thanks for anything you're willing to do to help me with this last minute challenge.


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