February 9, 2007

US Guys

There is a new Guy book on the market. If you want a wild read that explores the Very Broad spectrum of mainstream masculinity, US Guys is for you. Author and Pulitzer Prize-winning New York Times reporter Charlie LeDuff takes you on a trip across America. He experiences and reports on the Burning Man festival in Nevada; a sad-hearted Russian clown in a traveling circus; takes part in a cavalry charge down the Little Bighorn River with war reenactors; joins a C-level professional football team; infiltrates a West Oakland bike gang that holds fight parties; travels with Appalachian snake handlers and tent revivalists; and covers a cowboy love story at a gay rodeo.

It's not a book for everyone, but I really do like the adventure and the broad stroke with which he paints the concept of masculinity in America. Check out the book at Amazon.com.

February 7, 2007

87 and A Man-Maker

In the Man-Making book, one of the ways I talk about being a man-maker is by doing nothing! That's because all boys are hardwired to watch older men for clues on how to be a man. Check out this TV news report about how one 87 year old is shaping lives just by being his glorious self. And then remember, the boys are watching you.