October 29, 2008

October 23, 2008

When Did You Become "A MAN?" - Again

If you can't tell, I love this topic. I think it's interesting and a little scary. If you're over 25 and don't think you're a "man," or an adult, then what or who are you?

Neal Conan, the host of National Public Radio's great Talk of the Nation show, recently did a program on the topic of when a person becomes an adult. It's a great question when so many "young people" seem to be living a delayed adolescence . . . into their 30's and beyond.

On the show Neal talks with three authors with books related to the topic, and a college professor doing research on the subject. They were trying to see if they could discern that "magic moment" when a person crosses the line into adulthood. To listen, click this link: Rites of Passage: When Are You an Adult?

The interview reminded me of the question I ask of the men who were contributing to the development of the Man-Making book. I asked them, "What was THE moment in your life when you knew, for sure, that you had become a man?" The responses were amazing. How would you answer that question?

Because most of us are living in cultures where we have lost track of how to solidly initiate young males into manhood, the heart-felt truths men revealed are not surprising. After thinking about your answer to that question, go to this link and read what other men have said about crossing the line into manhood.

If the exercise above stirs your male pot in some way, either click on the comment link below, or send me your answer to that question and I'll add it to those on the Man-Making website.

October 17, 2008

The Boy That Is Possible - IF You Believe

If this clip doesn't just make your heart swell, you're a lost cause.

Ten year-old Dalton Sherman, a fifth grader, was the opening keynote at a big beginning-of-school pep rally for the Dallas Independent School District. He was speaking to thousands of people. I just know he's had good people on his side, helping him get to this place. The result is living proof of what is possible when a boy believes in himself.

Check out this clip . . . and then tell me what you think by clicking on the comment tag below or sending me an email.

(If the clip isn't visible, go to this link to see it)

All I can say is I BELIEVE . . . in Man-Making.


October 10, 2008

What Men Can Do For Boys

Here is a solid example of what committed man-makers can create when they put their minds to it.

Boys to Men is an organization focused on rite of passage weekends for young males that I have mentioned here previously. On the weekend of September 13-14th, a group of 8 men 12 boys from the San Diego chapter went on a overnight in a wilderness area. They had the intention of having fun and hanging out together. Having fun included the possibility of actives such as driving golf balls, playing football, cooking and sharing meals, hiking, napping, laughing, and then building a sweat lodge and sharing the hot, darkness.

All that came to pass. Joe Sigurdson (on the left in the photo), one of the founders of Boys to Men, described it this way. ". . . we had a glorious triumphant time together. We worked side by side building our lodge. Then we played some football, ate dinner, and spent hours sitting around the fire telling the truth. We got up the next morning, heated up some rocks, and did a powerful sweat lodge where boys and men honored their loved ones, forgave what needed to be forgiven, and released what was holding them back. All done with great conviction and sacredness."

Every time I hear about man-making weekends or men and boys heading off for time together, some old and primitive part of me is called up. I feel a hunger to be included and I get terribly jealous that I couldn't attend. I'm thrilled for all the men and boys who shared in these outings. The boys are lucky to have good men around them willing to make time for these fun but terribly important male adventures. The men, I know from experience, are also seriously gifted from the exposure to boy energy, playfulness, and challenges.

These men and boys, and thousands of other guys are also lucky that men like Joe Sigurdson and Craig McClain possessed the instincts and courage to stand up and start a movement that is transforming male lives all across the planet.

While these men are on my heroes list, you could be too. All you have to do to get started on the path is to see if a few men and adolescent males around you might like to go have some fun on an overnight some place a little remote. Masculine gravity will take care of the rest.

To learn more about this past weekend, email Joe. To learn more about the Boys to Men organization, visit their website.