November 21, 2005


Our pal Nicolette Beard at Man-o-pause has a great website for men. Her passion statement says, "To be a bridge-builder between men and women, parents and children, community and the world-at-large would be my greatest joy." Her blog is a nice step in that direction.

She has posted a list of "Masculine Virtues" that, regardless of the source, are a great response to the question, "What should/could/do men teach boys?" Check it out here.

November 14, 2005


Why This Blog and Book?

Ojulu Agote is a Sudanese refugee whose family my wife and I mentor. When I first asked him how I might help him, Ojulu immediately responded, 'I want you to teach my son how to be a man in your country.' This man was without any real material resources and faced a mountain of practical needs that come with settling in a new culture. Yet at the top of his list was to get help guiding his son toward manhood.

I don't remember my exact reply, but I do remember being embarrassed, and feeling inadequate and unsure about how to help him with his request. In my ongoing research, I've learned that I'm not alone. It appears that as a culture not only have we forgotten how to guide our boys into manhood, but that many of the adult men, like I was, feel a little lost on the journey. Sadly, boys, men, and our communities are paying dearly for our forgetting. That's why I'm writing this book and why I've started this blog.

It is my intention that this blog will become a collection of ideas, listing of resources, questions for men, shared experience, and anything else that will help boys, men, and male elders to successfully travel on their journey to manhood.

Visit the Man-Making Website to learn more about this project and the book in the works.

November 12, 2005

Strategic Masculinity

Coaching Boys Into Men - I found this wonderful article about a coach who really gets what should be at the core of a boy's athletic program. The coach, Joe Ehrmann, is a former NFL star and lineman for the Baltimore Colts. Coach is now 55 and aside from the X’s and O’s of football, everything Ehrmann teaches stems from his belief that our society does a horrible job of teaching boys how to be men.

Not only is this article inspirational, it's yet another story how one man doing what he can will shape the lives of hundreds of boys in his community. Check it out and then tell me what you can do.

November 8, 2005

XY-Zone program

The Communities In Schools organization in central Texas has an amazing program called the "XY-Zone." This grant funded program is "addressing the personal, academic and social needs of young men ages 13-18 at Crockett and Lanier High Schools. The XY-Zone project goals are for male students to: Remain in school and improve academic performance; Improve behaviors and critical thinking regarding personal future, women, community; Stop or reduce risk-taking behavior; Increase the mindset of the importance personal responsibility and accountability.

The funds underwrite two full-time case workers, one for each campus, to work specifically with 50 male youth at each school. It also covers field trips, community service projects and other enrichment activities.

What a great concept and model for your community. Donald Bentz is one of the coordinators if you'd like more information. Contact him at: