January 4, 2015

Annual Man-Making Blog Interest Survey

The Man-Making Blog has a steadily growing list of email subscribers. The stats indicate there are also lots of people just dropping by to check it out. This is a great vote of confidence and keeps me at it. Thanks!

I would appreciate your input on the one-minute reader survey below. Your feedback will help me stay on track in 2015 and hopefully increase the blog's interest and relevance for you.

Please note the question about conference calls. We had one successful call last year that brought many of you together around an important Man-Making topic. I learned a lot about how to plan and then manage a call, and I plan to host a few more calls in 2015. Do indicate if you're interested in participating in this form of idea sharing.

Finally, if you’re a subscriber and getting these posts by email, the survey may not show up in the message below. If this is the case, simply use this link to go directly to the online survey form.

Thanks for your support, and thank you in advance for your feedback. But mostly, thanks for your interest in Man-Making and supporting young males on their journey toward manhood.

Earl Hipp


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