April 29, 2006

A BIG step to Success

The lull in posting activity on this blog is do to the fact that yours truly has really been grunting out the work on the manuscript. The BIG news is that it was sent to the editor yesterday. It has been through the wringer of creation, modification, sell, hopelessness, rejuvenation, reworking, hope, reworking, and reworking. It has been a 2+ year journey, and now it is in the birth canal... and I'm feeling the contractions! It's that place in the creative process where I'm getting close to needing to birth the book. I've checked and it's a boy!

There is a ways to go yet. It will require at least one more edit, and then a proof read prior to print. There is the cover art and copy to design and write, having the manuscript laid out to fit in a book format, and the physical printing to be accomplished. But I feel joy today in that I've gotten over the hump and taken a very big step. A real book, with some serious potential to make the world a better place, is in sight.

Stand by... Earl

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  1. That is very exciting and I look forward to seeing the book! as somone completing my own book I relate to all of your challenges!

    Great work!


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