May 24, 2005

A GREAT Boys/Men Conference

Boys to Men 2005

Someday I'll keynote this conference. I think they are pioneers in this work and have created one of the best gatherings on this topic. Even the design of this meeting includes time for "fun." They say, "Mixed with the keynotes and discussion groups are more than 40 workshops. While some of those workshops deal with such issues of parenting, dating, depression, or bullying, many others are designed to allow boys and men to just have fun. Want to learn to fix a bike, or try your hand at fly tying? Want to do some acting, cartooning, hip-hop, or rap? At Boys to Men, there are all sorts of options for boys and men to do things they enjoy, and hopefully, even try some things that are new.

The Governor of Maine says, "Boys to Men represents how a community can carry new lessons and strong values into the hearts of communities and the individuals who live there."

If you're among the super-motivated in this work, consider using this Boys to Men gathering as a model of a way to raise a ton of consciousness, teach important lessons, help men remember the transformational power in a simple connection to a boy, and change lives in real time.

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