September 9, 2005


e-Mentoring is a program from Achieve Minneapolis. It hooks up school kids with working adults... by email! Now you can make a difference in a kid's life from your computer. The e-Mentoring model is simple. One student is matched with one mentor. The students and mentors exchange weekly e-mail messages, and have occasional face-to-face meetings for a personal connection. Teachers provide specific assignments that direct e-mail communications between the partners. And at the completion of the program, everyone celebrates!

Achieve Minneapolis even offers you the complete manual on their website so you can start a program like this in your company or community. Their research says that, "Evaluation of e-Mentoring programs shows that great relationships develop between students and mentors. Teachers give the program high marks, and employers see benefits not only to students, but also to company employee volunteers."

If you're at all digital, here's a way to make a big difference with and elegantly simple program.

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