June 11, 2007

Pathways to Manhood Camp

One of the solid organizations I profiled in the Man-Making book is a group out of Australia called Pathways to Manhood. They were recently written up in The Sydney Morning Herald newspaper with a fine description of their Boys to Men retreats.

The article discusses the shift that they want to see happen on these adventure weekends. The movement ". . . from boy psychology to man psychology. Boy psychology is: It's all about me. I want acknowledgment, I want power, I'm the center of the universe. I don't take responsibility for my actions and I want a mother. Healthy man psychology is: 'I have a vision, I do something because I believe in it, power is for the good of those around me, it is for sharing. I'm part of the universe, I take responsibility for my actions and I'm looking for a relationship with the feminine."

Follow this link to the article. If you've never been part of this kind of experience, it will give you a limited peek into the process, and probably set you up to want something like it for your self!

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