October 31, 2007

Journeyman - Documentary Film Premiere

It's finally happened. Some very good men have created a film that goes right to the heart of Man-Making. It's titled Journeyman. It is premiering in Minneapolis on November 15th, but will soon be available on a DVD. You can read all about the film, see a clip (bottom of the page), and soon be able to order the DVD at the producers website, mirrormanfilms.org

In you're involved in man-making work in any form, want to call men to serve boys, or just want to see what the bleeding edge of this work looks like, check out this amazing film. It's not Hollywood, but I guarantee it will change the lives of those who see it.

***** Highly Recommended

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  1. Steve B.2:25 PM

    Thanks for the update! Go Minnesota Boys and Men!!! Champions! Heroes! Kings!


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