September 23, 2008

Enough Said

Dear Earl,

I got an e-mail from a friend today pointing me to your Man-Making blog and it made me sit down and cry. This is so needed.

I raised two children as a single mother, the oldest being a boy who took his life at 26. He hungered for his father all his life and his father just couldn't be there for him as a good mentor. It was terrible to be with his father the day we read our son's suicide note. Six months later his father took his own life.

Now I try and help my daughter and her two girls try and understand and to go on.

God bless you for your great contribution to our society. I hope men get the message.

All Gods Blessings



  1. Douglas8:21 AM

    My heart goes out to Trish It easy to see how inter-generational these wounds are and how they visit upon the next generation. It is so important to break the chain of cross generational wounding. What a challenge, but what a privilege!

  2. Linda Danielson8:32 AM

    Our young men need men in their lives. When those of us at Children and Family Urban Ministries staff talk with businesses, organizations and schools about volunteering with our agency, we constantly encourage men to join us in our efforts. There are far more females volunteering than males and our young men need men to be positive role models during the formative teen years. This letter from a mother shows it can be a matter of life or death.

    Linda Danielson
    Program Director
    Children and Family Urban Ministries


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