January 20, 2009

Tasmanian Wildmen

To build solid young males, you need committed, motivated, male-literate men. That's why I like to occasionally profile organizations pursuing men's development. One solid organization that has been doing that since 1999 is the Tasmanian Men's Health and Wellbeing Association, Inc.

Their most recent offering is the upcoming Explore the Wildman meeting in Waddamama, Tasmania, March 6 through the 9th, 2009. Rob Dalton, one of my connections there asks these compelling questions, "Where is that part of you that knows exactly what it wants to do and won't let fear or anything else get in the way?" Your source for living,"Raw, energetic, powerful, passionate and full of life." As Rob says, it promises to be a time for, "Exceptional cooking, reflection, new experiences, ritual, humor, delight, and an opportunity to explore your Wildman with other men from around Australia.

As a prelude to that gathering, the Second National Elders Gathering will be held from the 4th of March to mid-day on the 6th. It's theme is Letting Go of the Warrior. Elders will gather to discuss changing lives, energy, emotions, and roles, all in the contexts of self, families, community and spirit.

As men evolve and experience the powerful mutual support at these meetings, our communities are profoundly enriched. The supply of men modeling a positive and authentic masculinity for young males grows, and we all benefit. Given what's in it for you and the other males around you, you'll consider starting a meeting like this in your own community? Or just engage your wildman and do it!

For information on what these Tasmen are doing, contact Rob Dalton at robjdalton@gmail.com, or visit Tasmen's website.

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  1. Hello Man-Making Men,

    Meanwhile...back in the States...Earl suggested I introduce you to the BetterMen Weekend. It's an initiatory retreat for men facilitated by myself and a great team of BetterMen. Our next Weekend is March 12-15 near Santa Barbara. Visit BetterMen.org for more details about the Weekend and the mentoring services we offer.

    Earl, love the blog and appreciate your commitment and passion.


    Wayne Levine
    Director, BetterMen & West Coast Men's Center


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