May 6, 2009

Yes... The last post, May 5th, WAS meant to be satire.

I learned a valuable lesson when I published the Onion video in the last post. I thought it was a creative way to point out the dangers and costs of over-involvement with video games for kids. Some of you thought I might actually be endorsing that behavior and were kind enough to check it/me out.

I'll be much more careful to state my intentions up front next time.

To those of you who have asked for clarification, thanks for caring so much about this topic, kids, and making sure I'm not crazy.



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  1. Steve S.8:09 AM

    Okay Earl, now I’m worried. How the hell could anyone think this was anything but humor! You may need to trim your list to men who have both a pulse and a funny bone. Send another post taking back your explanation/apology; instructing the complainers to get a life.


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