June 23, 2009

Guy Training: Why Girls Have Breasts

The TV remote control is an object/tool that somehow really calls to men. Could it be about the need to have control, or a chance to go "hunting" for the most important content being broadcast any given moment?

What I can own is that when holding a remote, I seem to be capable of considerable multitasking, a skill that is not as obviously present in the rest of my life. I'm not exactly sure why, but I can also report that I hold the device more than my wife. How about you?

In a recent post, I profiled a video showing a secret, male rite of passage, regarding early male training in the use of the TV remote control. And now along comes another video on the topic sent by a subscriber named Bret. It describes the gender struggle for possession of the remote device perfectly. It's titled, Why Girls Have Breasts. Let this be a warning to young males.

If the video doesn't show up, go to this link.

For those of you without a funny bone, yes, this is just guy humor.


  1. I wish there were remote controls when I was an adolescent male.

  2. Steve S.6:57 AM

    I viewed the “Why Girls Have Breasts” video and had a good laugh. Interesting also were the other YouTube videos listed along side of the one you suggested we watch. I sampled a few and wondered how a kid would react to those and what would happen to an adult for suggesting a kid view the first one and as a result the kid watches some of the others and…well, you can guess the spiral/spin on that. Conclusion: nothing and nowhere is safe.

  3. Yes there is that issue, but my experience with adolescent males today is that if they'd be web literate enough to even watch this video they would have long ago found everything and anything else they were interested in on the net. It really is another argument for the need for good men in their lives to put solid values around sexuality (and everything else) for them.

    All I had was a Playboy magazine under the mattress!

  4. Jim H.8:52 AM

    I remember Steve Martin used to joke in his comedy routine that it was a good thing men didn’t have breasts because they would just play with them all day and never leave home.


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