July 6, 2009

A Man-Making Aha Moment

I'm fond of saying that on Rite of Passage Weekends my heart is melted and reformed in a way that makes me a better man. That's really just the tip of the iceberg, but it captures all the wonderful experiences that touch and reshape a man in those events.

On those weekends, there is usually a single moment in time when a man gets it. When he suddenly realizes that he is very much in the right place and doing work he is uniquely qualified to do for and with boys. I call that the Man-Making Aha Moment!

Of course, given the scope of the internet these days, there is a website, sponsored by the Mutual of Omaha, given solely to these Aha Moments. On that site, a man-maker named Jefferson Roanoke describes his experience on a weekend with boys. You can see and listen to Jefferson describe his Aha moment at this link.

I just love watching the look on his face as he describes what happened to him during the experience. You can believe me when I say there is a growing army of men, showing up for boys, and coming away from those experiences with a very similar smile.

If you've had an Aha Man-Making Moment like Jefferson, and can describe it, send it to me in an email or post a comment on this post. I always love reading about men growing larger hearts.

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