August 23, 2009

Michael Jackson on (Lost) Boyhood

OK, just for a moment, withhold all your judgments about this man. Try to get past the glamor and his late life history to listen as he begins to touch on his very real pain and speak some truth about lost boys. The clip is from his 1993 acceptance speech at the 35th Annual Grammy Awards.

If the clip below doesn't show up, click here.

Can you find some compassion for him? There are hundreds of thousands of lost boys like him.


  1. Anonymous6:25 PM

    Strange....not Michael or his post-negro/male looks, but his inconsistency regarding his "childhood" (or lack thereof). This is very reminiscent and typical of children who've been abused by their parents. The awful weight of emotional ambiguity is enormous!
    Michael stated later (after recalling he 'didn't have a childhood...Christmases...birthdays...all set aside for work...') "I wouldn't have changed a thing."
    Let us be more mindful of children's or our own illogical beliefs, borne out of our attachments to the wishes of our 'absolute authorities'-our parent(s), adult family/caretakers, teachers, older siblings, and last but not least, The Medium of The Media.
    -Boston, MA

  2. Ann M.7:27 AM

    I could not finish watching the film clip... too tearful... compassion, oh, my, yes indeed... in spades!!!


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