September 24, 2009

Hope for the Future with a Great Mentor

When I come across young boys with amazing talents, it really does give me hope for the future. A man-maker named Dan G. put me on to this kid. In the clip legendary blues guitar hero, Buddy Guy, invites 8 year-old guitar whiz Quinn Sullivan on stage for an impromptu jam!

Not only is the young dude breathtaking, but pay attention to Buddy as he coaches, honors, and shows stellar man-making tendencies with his young friend.

Save listening to this till you can crank the volume. I guarantee it will set your toes a tappin, grow your smile, and moisten your eyes.

Go to this link if the clip doesn't show up.

1 comment:

  1. Anonymous4:26 PM

    This video brought me to tears. To see such talent being showcased by the Legendary Buddy Guy reminds me of how good some people are. Loved It!!!
    Tam in Bham


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