January 19, 2010

Earl On The Radio - Becoming A Better Man

Myself and my friend George Daranyi, Chairman of The ManKind Project, (MKP) were on the "Daily Male" radio show here in Tucson. We were promoting the work of MKP and the importance of initiating men and boys into a solid version of manhood. Here is a link where you can hear the show on the MKP website. At the bottom of the page is a player where you can hear the broadcast on your computer. I'm pretty sure the readers of this blog will find it interesting.

with George Daranyi and Earl Hipp

MKP is in the business of initiating men on their New Warrior Training Adventure (NWTA) weekends and then helping them integrate their rite of passage experiences in Integration Groups. Simply put, I-Groups are regular meetings with other initiated men to help sustain the momentum of the weekend's discoveries and intentions.

I've had the pleasure of both attending and staffing the NWTA experience and loved it all. When I'm paying attention, I'm constantly being presented with large and small opportunities to grow into a better man. The NWTA was one of many very helpful experiences that have moved my life along in many dimensions. For example, my NWTA experience helped me to form a personal mission and commitments that lead to the writing of the Man-Making book. It resulted in connections to countless solid men, my direct involvement in the lives of lots of young males, the creation of this blog, and you reading these words right now. Amazing how taking a small step like the NWTA could shift my life so much and touch so many lives.

On this page at the MKP site they list the cities, all around the world, where you may be able to step into your own NWTA. Check it out, you never know the difference it might make in your life and the difference you might make in the world around you.

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