March 16, 2010

Man Collective - Oxford

I just got an email from Alex Linsley, one of the guys who started the Man Collective at Oxford University. Man Collective is holding a meeting called The Gathering in London on the 27th of March to ". . . unite the range of guys involved in UK men's work". He was asking if I could give The Gathering some exposure on the Man-Making blog.

On the Man Collective homepage it says, "Man Collective was conceived to offer guys the opportunities and the tools to step up to their innate brilliance. Mediocrity sucks! We want to create linked communities of men who live powerful, inspiring, playful lives they love." Wonderful!

I'm not exactly sure what these two guys are up to, but it makes my heart sing to see young men like Alex, at age 20, stepping up and promoting a broader definition of manhood. What I know to be true is anytime men gather in a safe place and risk speaking their truth, better men result. In doing so, men become man-makers for each other, and ultimately, that is very good for boys.

From where I sit as the publisher of this blog, I'm aware of other groups like Man Collective springing up across the globe. It gives me the distinct feeling that a "manhood renaissance" is happening about the planet.

You can learn more about Man Collective and read an invitation to The Gathering at the MC website. You can also listen to Alex below as he calls men to gather around the belief that more, "positive, loving, powerful men in the world is a good thing."

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