May 18, 2010

Guys, Gas, and Being a Flatulist

Someone tell me, what is it with young guys and passing gas? When I'm out with the young dudes and, just for fun, let one fly, it is ALWAYS the source of laughs and playful banter. It's as if this capability is a newly discovered toy or competence for a young lad and it doesn't cost anything to play. I'm guessing it's part irreverence, part shock value, some discovery of your amazing bodily functions, and, well, a male thing to do.

If you're good at gas in the boy world, there are even some bragging rights that accrue. One example is a whole blog called fartingforboys by a kid named Eliot. He states he is, Just a guy interested in promoting and critiquing young male flatulist talent. Indeed, it's the best fart site I've come across . . . OK, the only one I found the only time I went looking!

Eliot's site has numerous clips of boys in the act, plus instructions on esoteric skills such as: "How to Fart on Command," and How to "Win a Fart Contest." I loved these instructions on when and when not to fart:

Here's some good times to fart:
  • At the movies (before the movie, not so much during)
  • While playing video games (with the volume down)
  • During sleepovers (when the lights are turned out)
  • On a boring bus ride (just make sure it's really loud)
  • In the locker room at school (the ultimate fartitorium!)
  • Backseat of the car on a long drive
  • In gym or anywhere that echoes (like while stretching) 
  • While walking to school  
  • While swimming (the big bubbles)
Now for some bad times to fart:
  • In the middle of class (teacher won't find it funny)
  • While playing sports/skating...etc.
  • While diving in a pool (no one will notice) 
  • In a restaurant (bad idea) 
  • At a noisy party (not as much fun as you'd think)
  • Anytime in front of a girl you like (they don't like it)

On fartingforboys you can find a survey (very informal we'd presume) that says boys prefer farting to burping %93 to %6. I'm not surprised. There is a great article on why boys fart, which, in a boy way, links farting to the, ". . . primitive and fragile male psyche." You can even go to the Fart Links section of the site where Eliot provides access to the "Fart Button" at Yes, I did go there, and yes it was kinda funny.

In the service of boy humor, and letting this topic leak out every now and then (sorry), I want to support males who have a problem with flatulence. The following video clip describes a new and innovative product that is sure to help with those warm, fragrant, uncontrolled and embarrassing moments. If you think it's gross, well, go hang out with some boys and get your smile back.

If the clip doesn't show up click here.

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  1. Bill H.5:51 PM

    I thought this was a different kind of man-making. This post is more like a "boy-staying-boy.” Not for me.

  2. Bill,
    I too was surprised to learn the host of that site was 20. I don't know him but sadly lots of twenty-somethings are still lost in the never-never land between boyhood and manhood. I could have taken that angle in the post, but I chose to focus on the lighter side and the fact that "boys," say 8 to about 15, really do find humor in farting.


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