July 30, 2012

2nd Edition Man-Making Book is out!

The second edition of the Man-Making book
is now officially available!

This edition has a new look and lots of fresh content updates. If you want to purchase a hot-off-the-press copy at the best price anywhere on the planet, DO NOT use the order link on the right side of this page. Instead, use the "secret link" at the end of this post to get the limited time, half-price offer. It's my way of saying "Thanks" to my blog readers for your interest and support.

If you're not familiar with the Man-Making book, it is built around a "Continuum of Involvement." The continuum is both a graph (below) and a collection of chapters in the book describing the wide variety of ways men can make a difference in boys' lives.

The continuum stretches from men actually doing nothing on low-commitment end (yes, there is a powerful way that helps boys), through descriptions of many simple actions men can easily do to support young guys. There is a section describing the important idea of "natural mentors," with men's stories about the men who did (and didn't) show up at that important time in their adolescent development.

In the chapter about one-to-many or group mentoring, you'll read about activities in which men share their personal interests and hobbies with groups of young guys. There are lots of stories about men and boys on teams, in a guy pack, or on different kinds of outdoor adventures. I've also included information about the good work being done by men working with groups of boys in schools, and those men intentionally initiating adolescent males on Rites of Passage experiences.

On the higher-commitment end of the continuum, I discuss a variety of approaches to one-on-one mentoring, and then describe some of the many ways men are involved in ongoing events, programs and national groups that support boys. It's in this section you learn about what I call, "Masculine Gravity," a force that pulls men toward increasing involvement with adolescent males.

Taken together, the stories from all the different places on the "Continuum of Involvement" are great examples of men doing some large or small thing to positively influence boy's lives.

WHAT MEN GET: While much of the book is about boys and what they need on their Journey to Manhood, the book has another purpose and it's hidden in the title of the book. If you notice in, Man-Making - Men Helping Boys on Their Journey to Manhood, the word "Their" is capitalized. That's because so much of the book, both directly and indirectly, is about what men get for themselves on Their Journey to Manhood.

The book contains a couple of very important sections describing both what men get from even minimal involvement with young males, and the cost to men of choosing not to get involved. The latter idea is a discussion of what men miss out on in terms of their own masculine development. It's about the price men unknowingly pay for not engaging their innate man-making potential (hard-wiring) and responding to this ancient call to men's work.

At the heart of the book is a call to men to find some large or small thing they can do about the epidemic of under-male-nourished young males in their communities. The book is my attempt to help men understand no matter how unprepared for man-making they may feel, the man you are today, right now, without any training, CAN make a positive difference in young male lives. That men, without much effort, and in their glorious imperfection, can change the trajectory of a boy's life for the better and get something important for themselves in the process.

To get started, get the Man-Making book at half price using "this secret link."

(This is for single book orders to U.S. addresses only. If you would like more than one book or live outside the U.S., please send me a message and we'll get shipping worked out.)

Your life and the lives of a few boys will very likely
be changed for the better as a result.

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