February 6, 2015

How Males Learn to Not Be Real

I have written about the under-construction video, The Mask You Live In, in a prior post. The themes of this film were recently brought to my attention again as I sat in a high school circle with a new group of young guys. I watched as they postured, measured the adult men in the circle, and tested us with the light-weight content they shared when they checked in. After sitting in many of these circles, I've come to know these masks well.

The preview clip below is a solid, short-course in young male mask-making. It describes the damage so many, no, too many young males experience early on in their lives. Mix in some testosterone, some anger, and no guidance, and you'll have a big part of the answer to the question, "Why are adolescent males like that?"

If you're a man, take a deep breath and click the play button. The video says it all. It will take you right back to that time in your life when you formed your mask.

If this clip doesn't show up use this link.

The impact of these kinds of influences are showing up in a young male near you right now. He's learning to put on his mask to face the world. That's why we need man-makers, good men to step up and teach young guys what it means to be your authentic self, and that the person behind the mask is loveable and awesome.

The Mask You Live In is from the team that created Miss Representation, an exploration of the impact of media on young men and women today. Follow them on their Facebook page.

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  1. Powerful video, Earl. I think it's dead on.


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