June 8, 2015

A Man's World Adventure for You!

For years I've been a big fan of the annual YMAW or Young Man's Adventure Weekend held outside of Vancouver, British Columbia. It's a true rite of passage adventure in the world of men, mixing just the right amounts of pristine Canadian wilderness, challenges, playfulness, good food, male hierarchy, laughter, tears, and a large and multi-generational male tribe.

A YMAW is 50-60 men taking the emerging manhood of 40-50 young male lives very seriously. The men surrounding these young guys are bonded and transformed by the activities and spending time with other men in this important work.

. . . the YMAW community of men
want you to come join them!

The really good news is the YMAW community of men want you to come join them! This year there will be two YMAW's. The first weekend is held outside of Vancouver, from July 10th through the 12th. The second YMAW is outside of Edmonton, from August 7th through the 9th. At every YMAW they make room for volunteer staff men, called outlanders, who come from far and wide for the experience. If you go, the YMAW men will connect with you in advance, assign you a weekend buddy, include you in pre-event phone conversations, and take care of you from arrival to departure. I've been there, experienced that treatment, and loved every minute. It's been going on for over 25 years so these men know what they are doing.

They also invite and encourage you to bring any young men you know aged 12-17. If you know a young guy who is ready for this kind of passage experience, going as a pair couldn't be a better bonding experience to share. Your young friend or relative will have his own experience to be sure, but I can guarantee the trip home will be full of rich conversation about male lives changed forever.

To get a sense for how these weekends work, look through the photos from the 2014 YMAW or check out the video clip below from the year when the YMAW theme for the weekend invited the young men to see themselves as explorers and voyageurs.

If the clip doesn't show up use this link.

If you are interested in men changing the lives of young males, and you've been wondering what to do for a unique summer experience, the YMAW should be on your list. For more information on attending, or just to talk with the YMAW guys about this kind of man-making work, call Dorian leslie, the event coordinator at 604 688 9997, or talk to any of the men listed on this page of the YMAW website. I know they be happy to hear from you.

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  1. Bill Hilburn4:12 PM

    What an amazing plan. I needed that 57 years ago so I'm still learning. One's life can be quite hazardous without something like this.

  2. Bill, for the record, one weekend is just a taste of what manhood might be all about. Life is still fraught with dangers for men, and ALL men are still learning about becoming a good man.


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