October 30, 2018

Boys and Men "Woke" to Women's Truth

Very simply stated, those of us doing "man-making" work with boys must always be listening for any demeaning or insensitive references to the women or girls in the boys' lives. As adult men, we also need to continually work toward being impeccable role models. The goal for all must be to have every male be as "woke" as possible to women's truth and to be willing to be held accountable for lapses in word or deed.

"The goal . . . to have every male as "woke" as possible
to women's truth . . . "

On the International Day of the Girl, Jimmy Kimmel, host of the evening show Jimmy Kimmel Live, invited musician and Texas State University dance teacher, Lynzy Lab, to sing her song titled, "A Scary Time." Her song was a direct response to Donald Trump saying, “This is a very scary time for young men.” The video (below) of Ms. Lab performing her song had over 11.2 million views.

One of the many things I loved about this video, beyond the fact that it's great, is how Jimmy Kimmel admits to his lack of female literacy. He simply and honestly says, " . . . I didn't know what it was like to be a woman . . .". He didn't get shameful or apologetic, he just owned the fact he was not informed. He then went on to do something about that problem by introducing Lynzy Lab and her wonderful song. In doing so, he gave millions of his viewers what I'd call a gentle push in the woke direction.

If the video doesn't show up use this link.

Let's all keep this conversation moving forward,
but especially those of us working with boys.

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