April 10, 2005

How to Coach Boys into Men

Coaching Boys into Men

"Be there. If it comes down to one thing you can do, this is it. Just being with boys is crucial. The time doesn't have to be spent in activities. Boys will probably not say this directly -- but they want a male presence around them, even if few words are exchanged."

The Family Violence Prevention Fund (FVPA) is an organization dedicated to stopping violence against women. On this website they list a short but powerful, seven item formula, describing ways men can positively influence boys. If men were to show up for boys in these ways, they would teach boys a lot about respect, manhood, and relationships with women. In addition, just by being with a boy and without much effort on the man's part, they would also teach boys thousands of smaller but very critical lessons about how to be a man. Men ARE the book on manhood most adolescent boys are hot to read... and they do, by constantly watching men... whether men realize it or not.

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