April 21, 2005

Jeff Weise High School Shooter

CBS News | Troubled Life Of Minnesota Shooter: "Weise went on a rampage, shooting to death his grandfather and the grandfather's companion, and then invading his school on the Red Lake Indian Reservation. Armed with two pistols and a shotgun, he killed nine people and wounded seven before shooting himself to death in the nation's bloodiest school shooting since Columbine High in Colorado six years ago."

Authorities are investigating. Well let's see, Dad shot himself, mom is in a nursing home, grandpa carries a gun, he admired Hitler because he had lost his parents, he sketched gruesome comics of death for his English class, wore long black coats, boots and chains like the Columbine shooters, he'd been bullied at school, he blamed rap music for some of his violent tendencies, he was suicidal, taking a LOT of Prosaic, and had few friends. But what could the problem be??????

This was another lost boy, without positive, adult male influence, desperately waving many flags for help. Would the attention and regular involvement of an interested, supportive, and caring adult male, or better, a group of men have helped? Maybe we should investigate.


  1. Anonymous5:21 PM

    It is so tragic... as a woman with a son,I too am asking where were the men this boy needed... my boy needs. It's too painful to even consider the depth of this kids despair... I hope your call to men is answered... or we're all in trouble.


  2. Anonymous6:49 AM

    Sara, I was touched by your comment and that is why I am so committed to 'men's work'. People often say, "why don't you work with boys" and I tell them that as men we have so much work to do just learning to over come our fears of each other that that is were I am working. If we can NOT even authentically connect to each other how can we have anything to give young men?

    If you saw, as I do the challenge in our society with men, you would understand why their are no men to support your son. And women can't 'do it for us', we as men have to show the 'emotional courage' to support each other.

    Thanks for speaking up and keep doing it!

    Be well
    Martin Brossman
    Men's Inquiry

    Also, thanks to Earl for the courage to create this 'blog'


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