June 21, 2005

Finding Our Fire

The Finding our Fire Project: Martin Brossman, like me, has a book in the works. His book Finding our Fire, is also a call to men. Martin says his book is for men who, "have the courage to work on themselves and have seen the value of building healthy fellowships with other men." At the heart of his book are a series of evocative and thought provoking questions that have evolved over the last 10 years of the Men's Inquiry, a support group experience for men. Taken together, these questions paint a powerful picture of an informed, aware, available, healthy, and self-loving and self-respecting man. These questions are, in fact, one really good map of the mature masculine territory. This is guidance that many men will find incredibly reassuring and helpful.

Martin hopes his book will be a resource that inspires the creation and direction of men's groups, and enhances the lives of the men involved. I continue to feel that ANY man, regardless of his preparation, can be a life giving mentor and model for a young male. However, the more of yourself you understand and accept, the more of yourself you'll have to give. Doing some of the "work" Martin is suggesting by exploring the questions he poses, will help men to better understand their core masculine value and worth. THAT will be a huge gift to both the man and the young men who are learning about manhood by watching them.

You can read about the Finding our Fire Project on it's website, or if you want to be involved in this research by responding (anonymously) to some of the questions, you can send an email to: Martin@CoachingSupport.com. It's an activity that's sure to raise your male literacy a notch or two.


  1. Anonymous6:42 AM

    I thought I would share some of the questions from the book that I think relate to this 'blog':

    Chapter 7 - Rites of Passage

    What are the elements of honoring and noble initiation into manhood?

    What are the different Rites of Passage in life? How and which ones serve us?

    What are the relevant rites of passage for males in our culture today?

    What are the natural & constructive rites of passage that occur today?

    How do we create relevant rites of passage for ourselves and sons?

    May this stir discussion.
    Be well,
    Martin Brossman
    The Men's Inquiry

  2. Thanks Martin. To respond to your last question, On the JTM website in the Resources section, I've posted a downloadable PDF file describing one Rite of Passage ceremony I helped a friend create for his son. Check it out...

  3. Earl Hipp, thanks for your hard work and get support. I would like to give you an update on the book: Finding Our Fire - Enhancing men's connection to heart, passion and strength We now have a blog about it’s progress and info at: http://toinquire.blogspot.com/ (again from your help and inspiration ) as well as a main page about the book: http://www.toinquire.com/findingourfire.htm

    Thanks for all the support and thanks to all the men that supported this book!

    Be well
    Martin Brossman
    The Men’s Inquiry


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