June 8, 2005

Making Men and Mentors

The Mens Leadership Alliance

I fully believe that ANY man who decides to be present for a boy, at some level, is a gift to that boy. I also believe he's doing himself a huge favor, but that's a different topic. The Men's Leadership Alliance is all about mentoring men into a more full expression of their masculine selves. Their program "... is designed to stimulate positive and dramatic shifts in the way you respond to your inner world, your partner, your family and friends, your work, your home place and the world."

I think that the better a man knows himself, and is clear about his various masculine roles, the more likely he is to acceprt some responsibility for the upcoming generations of men. He's also better equipped for that job. You don't have to be evolved, educated, or specially trained as a man to make a wonderful and positive difference in a boy's life. But the more of yourself you're in touch with, the more of you you'll have to offer.

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