January 2, 2006

Boys to Men Mentoring Network

I just love what the guys at the Boys To Men Mentoring Network have to say about becoming a mentor. The joys of mentoring teach you many things: How to listen, without giving your own fantastic advice. How to be a better parent to your own children. What it's like to be in the middle of adolescence and how to make a difference in a young man's life.

This is another ogranization that really knows how to move boys and men along on their journey to manhood. Prior to their initiation weekends, the men are put through a training weekend. During that weekend they are taught many of the skills required to be a staff man, including learning how to listen, accept, and admire the boys. That same training re-sensitize men to the issues, concerns, frustrations, fears, restless energy, and angst that reside in an adolescent male. No wonder their man-making weekends are so powerful for all the males that are involved.

The Boys To Men Mentoring Network
, is a structured yet informal program that is growing rapidly just by word of mouth. If you want to have a life changing experience on your journey to manhood, check them out. There may be a Boys to Men program in your part of the world.

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