January 13, 2006

Raising Cain | Public TV

On January 12, 2005, Psychologist Michael Thompson, Ph.D., co-author of the best-selling book Raising Cain: Protecting the Emotional Lives of Boys, hosted Raising Cain on public television. It was a powerful, literate, and two-hour long heart breaking series of truths describing the many barriers boys face enroute to any kind of successful manhood.

The program shared exciting new research about boys' inner lives, "dispelling a number of commonly held misconceptions." It also offered some hope by highlighting a few innovative programs with the potential to save boy's physical and emotional lives.

One of the most powerful wounds was described as the absence of positive, adult male parents and role models in boy's lives. The program asks, who will guide our boys toward manhood? Only adult men can do that. YOU can do that. This is the call to action that is at the heart of the Man-Making book I'm writing. When a man finds a way to reach out to a boy, two males are moved along on their journey to a positive and successful manhood.

Check out the PBS site for information on the documentary. They also have discussion guides, boy parenting resources, and you can order the DVD of the program there.

This is one DVD that could change your life

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