March 19, 2007


In my research I've learned that it's hard for emotionally wounded men to feel "put together" enough to offer themselves to boys. That's why organizations and books that help men heal are ultimately very good for adolescent males. Doing that work opens hearts, develops emotional vocabulary, drives catharsis, and contributes to a man's mature masculinity.

One book I recommend is on the topic of an enormous wound for most men, the loss of a father. Neil Chethik's book, Fatherloss, "...offers a fresh view of the male grieving process and practical advice to help guide sons through the loss of their fathers, no matter what stage of life the son is in when the death occurs." As Neil points out, "In the worst of circumstances, the loss can propel a son toward despondency; in the best, it can inspire in him a new appreciation for his life and loves, and move him with urgency to make the most of his remaining years."

How a man moves through this major grief experience will have a lot to do with how he shows up in his life and for the next generation of males.

Check out Neil's Great book.

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