March 12, 2007

The Mankind Project

It takes men to guide and initiate boys into manhood. One of the organizations I belong to, and which is mentioned in the Man-Making book is the Mankind Project. Their New Warrior Training Adventure weekend is an initiation experience for men. I recommend it.

One graduate of that weekend experience is hosting a blog that I find both inspirational and motivational. It's a compelling mix of thoughts, quotes, poetry, and other reflections on manhood. If you'd like a little inspiration around your masculinity and a look through the eyes of an initiated man, check out his blog.

Old-faithful Wolf - the author of this blog has a mission statement for his blog that I love. It reads, "Changing me, men, and the world, one blog post at a time." I wish him my best in that challenge.

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  1. Anonymous10:09 AM

    One of the greatest gifts I receive from the ManKind Project is seeing how men live in their mission out in the world after the New Warrior Training Adventure. Thank you Earl for your work and your gifts you bring to men and boys.

    Old-faithful Wolf


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