July 4, 2007

A Great Summer Book for Boys

The Dangerous Book for Boys, by Conn and Hal Iggulden is not at all dangerous. In fact, this is the perfect book for the young adolescent male, the book I wish I had when all the days of summer were stretched out in front of me. It's full of fun and the special kind of man-making knowledge that is guaranteed to keep a young male glued to the book. See if the following chapter headings don't stir your interest:
  • Five Knots Every Boy Should Know
  • How To Play Stickball
  • How To Build A Treehouse
  • Questions About The World
  • Fossils
  • The Golden Age of Piracy
  • Timers and Tripwires
  • Famous Battles
  • U.S. Navel Flag Codes
  • Juggling
  • Insects and Spiders
  • Secret Inks
  • Navigation
  • Navajo Code Talkers Dictionary
  • Girls
  • First Aid
You get the idea, and that's just a small sampling of the joys that await inside the book. You can order it directly from Amazon.com, or go to the book's website to learn more. On the book's website you can even download an award certificate to present if your young guy reads enough of the book (you decide) to have met the Dangerous Book for Boys Challenge.

I'm guessing that the content of this book will take you right back to your boyhood when knowing all this cool stuff made you a god amongst your pals. The book will also create a thousand opportunities for adult man-makers to engage the boys in their lives, talk, "do stuff," build things, and have a LOT of fun in the process.

If you were looking for an easy entry into man-making, this book could just be it.

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