December 4, 2007

Putting Men Together

After the last blog post I got a great comment from Carl K. In it he shared this story that he said, "found me when I needed to hear it." I felt the same way. Here it is:

A father, paging through a magazine one day, came across a map of the world. He thought this would be great to give to his 6 year old son as a puzzle, so he cut the page into lots of pieces, and asked his son to put it together. He figured that it would take quite a while and was proud that he could give his son a decent challenge.

The boy was up to the challenge, and 10 minutes later proudly told his father that he had finished it. The amazed father could not believe that he could have finished something that should have taken hours. When he asked the boy how he finished it so quickly, his son replied,” I found a picture of a man on the other side. As soon as I fixed the man, I found that the world was also fixed."

To learn how to "put men together" so they'll be willing and feel able to show up for boys, check out the Man-Making book.

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