May 7, 2008

In Honor of Single Moms

My work is to call men into service to boys on their journey to manhood. Along the way, I've met lots of single mothers. Those I've met do their very best they can to make it all work, raise good kids, and often do that under enormously difficult circumstances. It is a very challenging thing to be a woman alone, raising kids. Mya Angelou says everyone needs heroes and sheroes, and from my perspective, single moms are my complete and total sheroes.

So in honor of Mother's day this year, I want to honor and bless Single moms everywhere . . . for keeping it all together, for being strong and courageous, for heroically and unselfishly giving of yourself to your children, and for caring so very deeply about them.

Thank you for being you and doing your best!

From my conversations with single moms, it's clear to me that many understand and feel the man-hunger in their adolescent sons. They also know how hard it is to get good men involved with their boys and they are always on the look out for opportunities to make that happen. I do offer some suggestions about how to do that in the Man-Making book. But in this post, in support of single moms, I offer a PDF document with a list of Man-Making Books for Single Moms. Some of these books speak directly to single women raising solid boys when there aren't men around to help.

If you know a single mom, be sure to offer her a blessing on Mother's Day. If you're a man and know a single mom with a son, talk to the mom and then if it's OK, engage her son in some large or small way. You can be sure the boy is waiting for the men (you) to show up, and I'll bet the boy's mom will deeply appreciate your involvement.

Do you have a story about a single mom with a son, and men that did or did not show up? Add it to the comments below or send it along to me for posting in the Men's Stories section of the Man-Making website. I feel these are stories we all need to read, understand, and let into our hearts.


  1. In honor of ALL family members and many dedicated foster parents (they OD exist) who stand-in-the gap for boys and girls. Your legacy will live on the the childhood stories your children will/do tell about their childhoods.
    Hang in there! If support is needed, seek out an experienced church youth leader or family counselor who'll advocate for you and your family (they DO exist)!

  2. Is it possible to thank mother's enough (particularly single mothers) for all they one day? Of course, the answer is no...but to forget any mother on Mother's Day is inexcusable. You don't need a expensive gift or a fancy card...take her out to dinner, call her and tell her you appreciate all she did over the years to make you the man you are today. For those of us raised by single mothers...we should thank them for not abandoning us when our fathers chose to walk away...

    ...I'm a strong believer that men can never fully appreciate the special connection that God has created between mothers and children...but if we take the time to pray and listen to the our Mother's we can learn a lot about being a better man, husband and father.


    (This is excerpted from a long and beautiful tribute to Mustafa's single mom. To read the whole comment go to the "Men's Stories" section of the Man-Making website at:


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