May 27, 2008

Iron Men and Superheroes

A contributor named Jeremy sent me a link to the fun clip at the end of this post about Ironman and the development of his amazing suit. I haven’t seen the film yet, but I love the notion of super guys who can just handle it all.

In my time it was Batman and Superman. To look back at them now, it's clear they did steroids and had a strange habit of wearing their underwear on the outside of their tights. They had few friends and seemingly no interest in women... but they both had a powerful grip on my young male psyche. Ironman is just the next iteration in what I’m sure will be a long line of super guys… and gals.

At the same time that I love the super guy fantasy, I seem to be in the business of getting men to shed some armor, be a little vulnerable, and allow themselves to become some young guys hero… maybe not so super, but a powerful role model just the same. I like to tell men that the man you are right now, with all your perfections, maybe because of your imperfections, makes you a perfect candidate to be a man-maker and powerful role model in some boy's life.
Young males don’t really want a superman, just a normal man in their lives who can see what’s amazing, and powerful, and awesome about them!
If you listen closely, there is a line in this clip that says, Ironman. . . becomes a superhero through what he is able to create. I’m certain that every man reading this has that power too.

(Click here for the Link to the clip)

Who were your SUPERheroes?

Who were the regular men who showed up for you
and became real life heros?

Comment on the blog or send me you responses and I'll post them on the Man-Making website under What Men Say: Men's Stories.


  1. Steve B.1:13 PM

    I grew up reading Iron Man - you must not have been a serious comic book reader as he was one of the earlier ones (at least as I remember) to follow Superman and Batman. Ironman is a good movie if you like animation. Interestingly, Tony comes to understand that being part of the industrialized military complex is *not* a good thing! I liked that... I thought there was a message that was being sent to the present administration.

  2. Arthur6:57 AM

    Ward Cleaver

  3. I have gotten some great responses to this post. I have added them to the What Men Say section of the Man-Making website. To read them go to this link for Question 7, that asks men who were: The Heroes from Your Youth?


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