April 5, 2009

The Making of a Hero

Inside every boy is a hero. It's a transformational moment when a man, a group of men men, or the other people around a boy see that piece of him . . . and then name it with a blessing. I challenge you to find something wonderful about the next adolescent male that crosses your path. See it, and then acknowledge it with a positive statement. Boys are use to being disciplined by men so his first reaction might be one of shock. Once that passes, watch for the amazing reaction in the young guy, and then notice what happens in you when he smiles.

If you can think of an example of a time you were on the receiving end of this kind of blessing, send it along or post it in the comments section. It will make us all happy, even if it's not our story.

I know this video has been around a while, but it's a wonderful example of hero making. Makes my eyes wet.

If the video doesn't play, visit this link to see it.

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  1. Earl, That video never gets old. That boy Jason is the part of me that is different, the part that believes its unworthy. Oh how it needs to be recognized by others, loved blessed and accepted as good. Thanks.


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