November 24, 2009

Knock Knock, Are You There?

This incredible video clip of Daniel Beaty was recommended by Man-Making Blog reader Erick Rainey. It's performed by Daniel Beaty, an an actor, singer, writer, and composer. In this powerful, two and a half minute experience, he passionately and poetically states the need for Man-Makers, and puts out a call to action at the same time.

It is so elegant I really can't (shouldn't) add anything . . . just sit down, open your heart, and click the play button. You WILL feel what he's talking about.

Let me know what get's cooked up for you.

Use this link if the video clip doesn't appear.

YouTube video:


  1. WOW! Powerful material, and delivered so well. Everyone should hear this. Thanks for posting, Earl.

  2. watched this 10 hours ago & it's still reverberating in my heart. My favorite line was the line about the 'wasted brilliance' of black men in prison...

    I see it everyday, feel it everytime I walk the streets and see glimpses of this brilliance.... but how to release... how to unleash this brilliance from the prisons, the generational links that tie boys down...

    the question will keep me busy for a lifetime I'm sure


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