November 3, 2009

Tough Guise

The program Tough Guise - Violence, Media, and the Crisis in Masculinity, was recently brought to my attention. It's a program from the Media Education Foundation that discusses how young males learn to be violent from the media and other influences around them. The result is young males putting on their Tough Guise disguise and getting into a lot of trouble.

The campaign was done in 1999, and while just a little dated, it's a great primer on this topic. Just below is a short film clip used to introduce the program. It's guaranteed to make you a little uncomfortable. You can view the full length version at the Media Education Foundation website as well as find a very helpful study guide, and complete transcript of the film. You can also order the DVD from Amazon.

If you want to take on the topic of male violence for and with a group of young males, this collection will almost get you there. I'm certain that the young males you might involve in the discussions would be quick to name the current music and media sources promoting ideas of violence and manhood.

If you have used this program, or if you are aware of other resources on the theme of violence and manhood, please let us know. I'll put your comments on this blog post and add any recommend tools to the resources listed on the Man-Making website.

If the clip doesn't show, click here.

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  1. Tony B., Tasmania8:46 AM

    You are quite correct Earl - the data is a little dated, eg. the stats about the percentage violent males to violent females - there are figures out now that clearly indicate the stats are closer, I believe some reversed.

    A small point, maybe, but taking the gender bias out of the anti-
    violence campaign is very important for 2 reasons: (a)
    eases the "bloody men" syndrome, and (b) takes the 'slew' out of
    where funding money is directed to reduce/stop violence.

    Luvsya work just the same cobber,


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