April 3, 2010

Journeyman, The Film, On Public TV

The touching and motivational documentary film Journeyman, previously reviewed here, is hitting Public Television big time. This wonderful film gives anyone interested in Man-Making work an honest, no holds barred look into the transformational power of rites of passage, male circles, and a taste of the impact mentoring creates in the lives of all the males involved.

Journeyman is a compelling story about boys and men involved in a male community and a powerful mentoring process called Boys to Men (boystomen.org). The film was originally produced in 2007, but it’s content is timeless. The filmmakers, Kevin Obsatz and Charlie Borden, are expecting 500 public TV broadcasts in 150 cities in April, and it will be seen 50 times this week alone. You can go to the Journeyman website, mirrormanfilms.org to see a schedule of upcoming broadcasts and to order the DVD.

If you're involved in man-making work in any form, want to call men to serve boys, or just want to see what the bleeding edge of this work looks like, check out this amazing film. It's not Hollywood, but I guarantee it will change the lives of those who see it.

Use this link if the clip doesn't appear here.

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