April 29, 2010

Leap Now - Ring of Fire

LEAPNOW is an organization based in Calistoga, CA, and dedicated to fostering consciousness and integrity in the world by working with "emerging adults." They run “soul-centered programs” that combine outer journeys (to Latin America, India, Africa), with a personal journey inward. Their flagship program, LEAPYEAR, works with students for a full year. Their mission is to set the stage for young adults to blossom. They claim young people always emerge from this program with a greater understanding of themselves and what it means to be approaching adulthood in today’s world.

One of their new programs is called Ring of Fire (RoF), a four-month adventure for young men 17 to 24. RoF was created to answer to deep need of young men who have "lost traction" in their lives. In this program, a small group of males adventure their way through Central and South America. This trek is along the Eastern edge of the chain of volcanoes that circles the Pacific Ocean and is why the program is called Ring of Fire. Along the way they examine their lives, face challenges, and explore their shadows. The program is designed to develop a strong sense of self, while training young men in the skills of leadership. It all comes together at the end of the trip with a powerful rite of passage ceremony.

The good folks at LEAPNOW believe the fastest growth happens for an individual when you combine an outer journey (trekking the Incan Trail, planting trees in the Amazon, building houses for the poor, climbing a volcano) with a profoundly personal inward journey. I only wish that the Ring of Fire experience was available when I was in that age group!

For more information on the Ring of Fire program, visit the LEAPNOW website, or contact the program coordinator, Jesse Latimer, at jesse@leapnow.org or 707-431-7265.

If you know about or have experienced a similar program for ripening young people, please share a brief description. The world needs globally literate and self-aware young people in the pipe line.


  1. I love it Earl... What an awesome program.

    This program could have such a profound effect on the ghettos... why charge 12K? Are there abundant scholarships available?

    Blessings from Jerusalem!

  2. @Ami

    Ring of Fire is priced competitively when compared to programs of a similar logistical nature. The unfortunate truth is that the travel, room & board, activities, etc. take a fair amount of money, not to mention leaders and competent staff and taking care of rent for our beautiful campus.

    We are committed to making this work for as many people as possible. We do offer scholarships to help offset the cost.

  3. This sounds amazing. We need more resources and opportunities for the lost boys of the modern generation. Out and away from the computer screens, flat screen BluRay surround sound setups and porn. Inside to discover the fire that burns within.

    Thanks for telling me about this. I'm building a list of projects like this and will go read more about them.


  4. This is Jesse from LEAPNOW jumping in again.

    We're unable to run Ring of Fire this Fall due to a lack of applicants. I remain committed to this cause and would love to see Ring of Fire launch in the Spring. If you're interested in participating in RoF sometime in the future, I encourage you to shoot me an email at jesse@leapnow.org to let me know. The more interest we have, the more assuredly we can launch.

    Men's conscious journey through life is often forgotten right when it's needed most--at the time when boys are becoming men. Leaving the home, going into college or work, learning to fend for themselves. I lot of guys just go unconscious, and I see that as a huge benefit of Ring of Fire. It's learning how to bring consciousness to life--and how that life can be exciting and purposeful. There is a strong need in this age group that isn't being addressed. I really encourage anyone who has an interest to let me know.


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