April 20, 2011

Follow Me Boys

Guest blogger Rick Livingood has sent along this review of the film Follow Me Boys as a suggestion for any man who wants to "lead and influence boys."

Follow Me Boys - This Disney movie from the early 70's tells the story of a former band member's transition to small town living. When he takes a job in a rural village, he finds the boys in the community have no organized program to keep them out of trouble. During a town meeting to discuss the problem, he suggests scouting and takes on the post of Boy Scout leader. The movie then follows the events that shape the young men (in particular the influence of their scout leader on them). Full of typical Disney storyline, the movie does provide a great overview of the influence on kids, by adults who care.

Fred MacMurray portrays Lemmuel Siddens, a local salesman who marries his girlfriend. The couple soon find out they cannot have their own children. Lemmuel and Vita adopt the "scouts" as their kids. The years of Lemmuel's scout mastering have a huge impact on the "boys".

Follow Me Boys is good old Disney at its finest, with a great story of a man's heart-felt love of the boys...and the long-term shaping of their character. This could easily become a favorite of every man who aspires to lead and influence boys.

Follow Me Boys, released on DVD in 2004, starring Fred MacMurray, Vera Miles, and Kurt Russell (a young Kurt, for sure). You can order Follow Me Boys from Amazon at this link.

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