June 7, 2011

The Men's Calender of Events

Here is a quick update on a couple of notable events on the Men's Calendar, one global and one US based. From where I sit, this kind of movement in the male universe is good for men, young males, and the planet. These two events are just a small sample of what's going on for men. If you are aware of other events you'd like all of us to know about, send me a note and I'll run them up on the occasional post. IF they are coming up soon, feel free to add them to the comment form at the bottom of this post.

The first event claims the we're going for it title of, The Ultimate Men's Summit: Activating 21st Century Masculinity (UMS). It will be held this month, from June 10th through the 19th.

The UMS website reads: For this unprecedented virtual event, we are calling forth men from around the world who are boldly committed to lead in a new era - one in which masculine qualities are restored into partnership with the feminine, in which our models of work, family and relationships are ripe for renewal, change and discovery.

If you're a guy, or a woman who's curious about men today, what's not to like about that offering? In yet another display of using technology to form a movement, you can participate in all of the SEVENTY FIVE events from the comfort of your home or your local coffee shop because it's a Virtual Summit!

You and over 10,062 registrants (so far), from 116 countries, can hear from some of the old guard in the men's movement, along with countless other, apparently male-literate experts, on an endless stream of topics such as:
  • How to Create and Cultivate 21st Century Relationships
  • Five Illusions of Manhood To Get Over - Right Now
  • Activate Your Purpose and Fulfill Your Mission in the World
  • Knights Without Armor: The Quest for the Courage to Be Vulnerable
  • The Paradox of Masculine Power: What Works is Being More Fully Yourself
  • The Warrior Spirit - An Ancient Imperative for Modern Man
  • Why Every Man Needs to be Initiated by Other Men - and Where to Go to Find It
The amazing thing about the UMS is that it's FREE. All you need to do is register at their online site, and then pick your programs. For registering, you'll also get access to all the presentation recordings for review later. I can't imagine a more dense sampling of content on the current state of the male experience than the UMS. For free, I'm going to give them my name and cherry pick the presentations.

USAGE: Developing intentional, energized, and activated male (or any) elders is also a good thing for the whole tribe. That is the work of USAGE or the USA Gathering of Elders. This event is being sponsored by The Mankind Project, USA, and will be held in the center of the US at the Wesley Woods Camp and Retreat Center, in Indianola, Iowa (20 minutes south of Des Moines).

This gathering of the Elders is for ALL elders (men and women) with 50 years or more of life experience. You'll be joining a wonderful group of men and women from a variety of organizations such as Mankind Project International (MKPI) and MKP USA, Elder women from the Woman Within and Women in Power organizations, and men and women from the Sage-ing Guild. All these good people gathered to, "share wisdom and celebrate who we are at this time of our lives."

The agenda includes presentations by Dr. Robert Moore, Distinguished Service Professor of Psychology, Psychoanalysis and Spirituality in the Graduate Center of the Chicago Theological Seminary, and author of many books including, King, Warrior, Magician, Lover: Rediscovering the Archetypes of the Mature Masculine, and Doug Von Koss, who will lead singing and movement. Rosemary Cox of the Sage-ing Guild will be leading a retreat for women on Friday and Saturday, October 28 & 29, at the nearby Apple Tree Inn. This year men and women will be staying in separate accommodations, and have mostly separate programs. I'm told the Program Planning Team is working on shared programs for women and men on Thursday evening, Saturday evening and on Sunday morning.

To track the evolving program agenda, speakers, and register for the event, check out the USAGE website. For more information on this gathering, contact Allan Podbelsek at apodbelsek@aol.com or call him at 502-245 6248.

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