July 30, 2011

YMAW, The Mentoring Bone,
and Voyageur Manhood

For over twenty-one years Brad Leslie has been taking men and young guys, ages 12-17, off to a gorgeous slice of the Canadian wilderness near Vancouver for a rite of passage weekend. This year 50 men greeted 58 teenage males for another powerful and transformational experience. It's called the Young Men's Adventure Weekend.

In this podcast, I talk with Brad about this year's weekend, how it was organized, and what it's like for the young guys and the men involved. You'll learn about topics such as the "mentoring bone," Voyageurs and Manhood, going into the "basement" of a man's life, and how men welcome the young males into men's world.

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This interview with Brad, along with the video clip below, begin to paint a beautiful picture of what very good men can create when they decide to show up for future men in their communities.
To see more pictures of the goings on during the weekend, go to this photo album.To get additional information about the Young Men's Adventure Weekend visit the YMAW website at, ymaw.com. You can also call Brad Leslie at: 800-663-2723, or send him an email at bradleslie@telus.net

Here is a video clip of the young males arriving at men's world!

If the clip doesn't show up use this link.

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