July 26, 2011

Teaching Young Guys How to Dress

Tim Wernette is a regular contributor to the Man-Making Blog. He sent along this video clip saying, "I've noticed that boys/young men often don't know the proper method for dressing/undressing, and thought you might enjoy this video."

I'll say more on the other side of the clip...

Use this link if the clip doesn't appear.

OK, it's not really about dressing, or undressing, although that topic deserves its own post. Tim sent it along as a JOKE . . . kind of!

If you look closely, beyond the "humor," there are a lot of other issues raised by the clip. Tim Wernette, is a Gender Equity Educational Specialist with the University of Arizona. He speaks to high school audiences about the destructive aspects of gender stereotypes overlaid on young boys and girls. Tim suggested that behind what passes for humor in the clip is actually a story about the dangerous lengths to which men and young males go to test themselves, to self-initiate, to demonstrate their bravery and skills. Perhaps to live up to the super-male stereotype so common in sports, music, and the media these days.
Boys can easily be victimized by their own biology.
Of course, there is the very real matter of large and multiple surges of testosterone in an adolescent male's body every day. Testosterone has been called the aggression chemical. It's the drug that makes it hard for boys to sit still in classrooms, be defiant around authority figures, be competitive, and sometimes do foolish and dangerous things. Boys can easily be victimized by their own biology.

Yes, boys will be boys. But with good men in their lives to help manage and direct that awesome young male energy, young guys are more inclined to make good choices when it comes to testing their power and proving themselves. Without those good men, young males are left with making up "manhood" on their own. Sadly, they are being guided by the tragic models of manhood provided by film, TV, and too many not-so-good men we read about every day in the papers.

Thanks Tim! Keep up the good work.

By the way, I love guest contributors!

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